Refund policy

Should you decide to purchase a class, a membership subscription or any product from this site then you will enter into a contract of sale with us at the point of sale. If you change your mind about purchasing a class you are entitled to a refund for the 2 days following the purchase, get in touch directly in the 'Support' tab on top of the screen.

Regarding Membership subscriptions, you can manage it directly, and this will also stop your recurring payment. Go to you dashboard, in the upper right corner click on the circle with your avatar, then click on ‘billing’ on the left, then scroll down you’ll see your payments, and you have a tab ’subscription’ click here and you can cancel from here. It’s the easiest way to do it. I don't offer refund for the Membership, you can cancel anytime, your payment will end one month after you enter, and you still have access to content during the month. If you pay on Jan 4, your membership ends on Feb 3, for example.

If you make an electronic purchase then you will be sent a link for a direct download.  At the point of purchase, you will be asked to confirm your express consent to receiving the download immediately. In agreeing to receive the download at the point of purchase you will lose your right to cancel and your right to a refund. Should you have any questions about your purchase we will be happy to assist.