Sketchy portraits with Procreate

Create Stunning Sketchy Portraits with Procreate - No Prior Experience Required!

We will see this portrait step-by-step so you're able to make your own after the course.

Welcome to Sketchy Portraits with Procreate

Your pathway to mastering the art of digital portraiture with a sketchy, vibrant twist.

I'm Cécile Yadro, a French artist passionate about bringing the essence of traditional art into the digital realm.

This course is designed for artists, designers, and enthusiasts of all skill levels who aspire to infuse their digital portraits with life, color, and texture.

Course Highlights

Explore Sketchy Portrait Techniques: Learn how to create portraits with bold, visible brushstrokes and wild colors.

Vintage and Realism Combined: Incorporate a vintage paper background and achieve realistic details for eyes and mouths.

Accessible for All Levels: Perfect for beginners — no previous drawing experience required.

Rich Resources Provided: Access to a variety of reference photos and exclusive Procreate brushes.

What You'll Learn

Introduction to Digital Sketchy Portraits Getting familiar with Procreate's essential tools for sketchy portraits.

Basics of Drawing a Face Simple techniques to draw faces and accurately place features.

Mastering Crosshatching and Brushstrokes Techniques for adding depth and texture with strokes.

Selecting and Creating Backgrounds for Vintage Feel Using backgrounds from my curated Pinterest board.

Achieving Realism Detailed guidance on creating realistic eyes and mouths.

These are the kind of paintings you will be able to do after the course. 

Course Curriculum

Cecile Yadro

I’m Cecile, a French artist, both digital and traditional. Gouache is my favorite medium. 

Art can help you express yourself, find your voice, and discover who you are. And I want to help you do that.

I've been teaching art classes for five years, and I've seen how powerful they can be for more than 22,000 students. 

With my easy and inspiring tutorials for beginners, I empower you to express yourself and give you the tools for creativity.

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