Master Color Mixing!

Take your color game to the next level with this class. Learn how to mix colors and match them exactly.

Learn the basics of color theory and how to mix any color you want in this class!

In this course I'll show you the basics of color theory, so that you can confidently mix your own perfect tints and shades.

Color mixing is an essential skill for any artist and it takes your art to the next level. Under the instruction of an experienced artist, you will learn about mixing primary and secondary colors to create warm and cool tones then finally how to use this knowledge to make swatches, match colors and create custom palettes of your own.

Most artists are afraid of mixing colors because of the mystery and complexity that is associated with it.

 In this class you will learn the fundamentals of mixing colors to where you can confidently create any color you need for your paintings and drawings.  

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Course Curriculum

90 mn videos with step by step instructions 

This course is a part of 'Gouache Portrait Masterclass'

Where you learn all you need to paint gouache portraits.

I have extracted the color mixing part and added two extra lessons.

Cecile Yadro

I’m Cecile, a French artist, both digital and traditional. Gouache is my favorite medium. 

Art can help you express yourself, find your voice, and discover who you are. And I want to help you do that.

I've been teaching art classes for five years, and I've seen how powerful they can be for more than 22,000 students. 

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