Gouache painting live sessions - Animals

These are live painting sessions that were on YouTube, only available here now.

Bring Your Animal Art to Life:
Learn Gouache Painting Techniques in Live Sessions šŸ˜šŸ–Œļø

Real-time live painting sessions recordings

These are live painting sessions that were available on YouTube and that you can find only here now.
For each video you have the reference photo to download so you can paint along, pause the video if needed.
More tutorials will be added as I paint them on YouTube. Now the live will take place on Sundays, and will be available for free on YouTube until the next Tuesday, then available here. 

Two ways to watch these videos:

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As for now, 8 videos are available in the 'Animals' topic, more will be added when I paint them, you'll get them as well. 

Course Curriculum

Cecile Yadro

Iā€™m Cecile, a French artist, both digital and traditional. Gouache is my favorite medium. 

Art can help you express yourself, find your voice, and discover who you are. And I want to help you do that.

I've been teaching art classes for five years, and I've seen how powerful they can be for more than 22,000 students. 

With my easy and inspiring tutorials for beginners, I empower you to express yourself and give you the tools for creativity.

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Animals live painting sessions

$20 USD

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