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26 gouache hacks

to solve your gouache issues

Do you love gouache, but sometimes you feel it's a bit tricky?

Do you have trouble finding the correct consistency?

Are your layers uneven, with trouble making nice colors, do you even get muddy colors?

Is your paint drying too fast on your palette?

Do you think that blending is difficult?

Did you know that gouache colors may fade over time?

Have you ever damaged a painting by spilling water on it, or scratching it?

If you answered yes to one of those questions, then this class will certainly be helpful!

26 Hacks To Solve Your Gouache Painting Issues

Here’s What You’ll Learn... 

✅ Quick and easy methods to get the perfect blending
✅ How to master the art of layering to avoid lifting the color below
✅ How to quickly recognize and avoid the wrong consistency
✅ Why it’s NOT your fault if you get muddy colors – and what you can do starting today to get fresh colors! 

Are You Ready To Get All The Tips You Need For Easy Gouache Painting?

Course Curriculum

I'm Cecile Yadro, a French artist, both digital and traditional, and an addict to gouache! I help beginner artists in their art journey with easy online courses.

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What students say about the course

Some really useful tips and some things I didn't know. A useful and well laid out class.

Hannah K.

I've always been kind of afraid to use gouache, since my first attempts were a disaster... but your class made me confident to give it another try, thank you!


An excellent class for anyone who is working with gouache or just want to start. You can skip a lot of frustrations in working with gouache just following this course. I totally recommend it!


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