Portrait Party

30 Days of Mixed Media Fun

Ready to kickstart your journey into the world of portrait drawing and painting? Want your sketchbook to become a portfolio of breathtaking faces?

No matter where you stand on your artistic journey, my course, Portrait Party, provides all you need to master the art of portraiture.

The course is limited to 30 people.

Why? I want to be able to give you personalized help during the live sessions. (And I know not all people will show during the live)

The course is opening on NOVEMBER 1st


Why Join Portrait Party?

My 30-day course is designed to elevate your skills from simple doodles to lifelike portraits using mixed media.

We are filling a sketchbook with portraits during one month.

Witness how blank pages of your sketchbook transform into a spectacular collection of unique, charming faces throughout the course.

What you'll learn

Portraits are fun to draw and paint, they are not complicated!
You can do it with my progressive lessons, from doodle to realistic portrait.
We will increase the difficulty day after day, building on what we've learned before.

I've painted hundreds of portraits, and I guarantee it works!
(if you actually draw and paint the lessons, not just watch the videos 😉)

What's inside?

- Every day, a fresh lesson awaits, backed with recorded videos and easy-to-follow instructions.

- Free-to-Use Reference Images: Get your hands on every copyright-free image I use, fueling your inspiration and expanding your creativity.

- Creative Companions: Join our cozy, private community, a perfect platform to exhibit your art, learn from peers, and make friends who share your artistic fervor.

- Live Critiques Thrice a Month: On the 10th, 20th and 30th, join me for live critique sessions where I review your art, ensuring you're progressing exactly the way you should! 

Artistic Fun is Our Mantra

And the best part? Everything we do keeps the joy of creation at its core!

No matter how realistic your portraits are, the exhilaration of creating never fades.

Portrait Party isn't just about nailing the techniques—it's about savoring the journey and celebrating every milestone., and having fun!

What if...

You don't have time to make a lesson per day?
Lessons are about 15 mn long each, but may require more time on your side, so let's say one hour per day is the maximum.

If you can't make it, that's perfectly OK, the lessons are yours forever, and you can make it at your own pace.

Join Portrait Party

Positive Changes: Witness your artistic evolution as your skills transition from elemental doodles to lifelike portraits.  

Daily Art Elixir: Enjoy fresh, step-by-step lessons complemented by comprehensive videos delivered daily.  

Constructive Critiques: Join me for live review sessions on the 10th, 20th, and 30th, where I'll offer insights to guide you and keep your art on the right path.  

Creative Freedom: Utilize my collection of copyright-free images as references or sparks of inspiration for your creations.  

Artistic Kinship: Be part of our exclusive, intimate community. Unveil your art, learn alongside like-minded mates, and spark new friendships.


One-time fee, USD incl VAT

  • 27 recorded tutorials 
  • 3 live coaching sessions
  • Private Community
  • Lifetime access