Taking your painting skills to the next level just got easier...

you're just a click away from tutorials, support, and coaching to help you become a successful painter!


Does it sound familiar?

✓ You're watching tutorials here and there, but you feel alone in front of your screen, not knowing if you're doing it right or not. 

✓ You want to express yourself with your art, but you can't pass the copy stage.

✓ You feel alone in your art corner, you need interactions with other like-minded people.

✓ You have trouble drawing what you have on mind. 

✓ You don't know how to go from a reference photo to an illustration.

✓ You look for guidance in your art journey. 

Welcome to Art With Cécile membership

This membership will help you unleash your creative potential, providing the tools and guidance to develop your artistic skills.

The membership will help you to:

Get support and guidance from your host, professional artist and teacher,
and from a community of like-minded artists.

Develop your artistic skills: drawing, making a composition, painting, and finishing your art.

Learn technical tips ans tricks and get inspiration every month.

I help people find their creativity and make it a part of their lives.

Bonjour! I'm Cécile, artist and teacher who's passionate about helping others learn new skills. I've had a lot of success with online students so far, and I'm excited to share what I've learned with you.

After four years of online teaching, I find that online classes are fine, but I feel the need to help you more. This is why I created 'Art With Cécile' Membership, with tutorials,  interactive live painting sessions and coaching so you can really go forward in your art journey.

I'm passionate about art.

I graduated from art school a long time ago, and have always been drawing, painting, experimenting with digital art, oil paints, acrylic, crayons, watercolor, and gouache.

I have filled more than a hundred sketchbooks along the way, made 40+ classes for 22,000+ students, learned a thing or two, that I'm excited to share with you now!

What's inside the membership?


A sneak peek inside the membership

Monthly themes

Each month we will have a theme with inspiration and reference images to work from. We will be working in gouache and/or watercolor, and occasionally other mediums. When you enter the Membership you have access to all past content.

Recorded tutorials and classes

Based on the monthly theme, a full tutorial per month in watercolor or gouache paint. This can be a sketchbook spread, a painting, postcards...

Live painting sessions

One live session per month on Zoom so we can paint along, and I can answer your questions as you paint. Sessions are recorded and available on replay. 

Live coaching sessions

Once a month, a Zoom group meeting where you will send me your art to review. This is where the magic happens, when you get individual guidance on what to do to improve your art. Sessions are recorded and available on replay. 

Content library

When you join the membership, you have immediate access to all existing content: monthly tutorials, live painting sessions and coaching sessions. 

Membership community

Under each tutorial you can discuss with your peers, share your art and get support. The chat is right inside the membership.

Access from everywhere

You can access your membership on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone with the app. 

Bonus and surprises!

Obviously, I can't tell you more, or it won't be a surprise!

What students say about my classes

Cécile is a fabulous gouache artist! I very much enjoyed this class and look forward to more from her. I learned some great tips about brushes and paper as well as achieving the right consistency and colour mixing. Many thanks Cécile!

Cecille is an excellent instructor. She explains everything very well and gives just enough and not too much instruction. I enjoy all of her classes and look forward to more!

This is a great class to take as a beginner! This was my first ever attempt at gouache and I feel that the instructor did an excellent job at explaining various tips, tricks, and materials. I also enjoyed her personality and it was very easy to understand and follow along.

Wonderful class! Loved the skin color swatching section with different color combinations; making it easy to understand before actually tackling the hard part of painting skin. The class structure is just excellent. Highly recommend this class

Cecile does a good job instructing about necessary steps prior to painting: observations to determine color and planning how to execute the composition. I enjoyed painting along with her on the two sample subjects and learned from her tips presented during the process.

At first I was skeptical that I could obtain good results with gouache but I take all the instructions and just let it flow. I absolutely give this class a thumbs up!

Join 'Art With Cécile' Membership!

Join now and lock your price for life!

Membership access

The membership is accessible from any device, desktop, laptop, tablet, and comes with an app available on iOS and Android.

Content Library

When you join the Membership you have access to all the past and current content as long as you're a member.


Included in your Membership you have access to a private Community under each tutorial and in a global chat. 

No Commitment

You're free to cancel your membership anytime. Any month started is due in full from date to date. 



Monthly fee, USD incl VAT

Content each month

  • 1 painting tutorial
  • 1 drawing or painting tutorial
  • 1 live painting session
  • 1 coaching session


As many times as you like as long as your subscription is active.

As long as your subscription is active, you can access all videos, but you can't download them. You can download all pdf materials and reference photos though. 

I will be in the community chat regularly, answering questions, you have live coaching sessions available every month where I can help you personally. 

I'm sure you already have a lot in your stash already! It will be mainly gouache, watercolor and other mediums from time to time, that you can still adapt to your existing supplies.

The tutorials in the membership are not available on YouTube, they are different. You get access to interactive live painting session so I can help you while you're painting. You have access to coaching sessions and personalized feedback.